Ensuring optimum treatment quality is our top priority. We therefore have our processes regularly reviewed by an external body. Our certificates at a glance:

DEGEMED quality management system

DEGEMED’s QM system with certification fulfills all of the criteria specified by the Federal Working Group for Rehabilitation (BAR). It has therefore also been recognized and approved by the SFA. It is based on two components:

  • the quality principles of DEGEMED, which have consistently implemented the quality requirements of the health insurance funds, and
  • the DIN EN ISO standards.

The key points of the DEGEMED system are

  • a general definition of the rehabilitation process
  • Mapping the rehabilitation process in a model quality management manual
  • the definition of an audit catalog with rehabilitation-specific standards
  • the inclusion of categories from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model.
DEGEMED certified quality

On this basis, a standardized, rehabilitation-specific and practice-oriented certification procedure was developed, which consists of three elements:

  • the DIN EN ISO standards and selected EFQM categories
  • the quality principles of DEGEMED, incorporated into the individual rules of DIN EN ISO or assigned to them
  • the requirements of the service providers for the quality of rehabilitation.

This is a learning process that constantly picks up on and implements corresponding changes – e.g. the inclusion of the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 version with its increased consideration of categories of the EFQM model or the additional translation of the process to the area of outpatient rehabilitation. DEGEMED has also developed indication-specific modules – for example for neurology or orthopaedics – which, implemented in audit guidelines, give new impetus to the indication-specific design process of quality rehabilitation.

However, it is not about short-term success – this would not meet the requirements of quality rehabilitation. Rather, the DEGEMED procedure deliberately promotes and demands the continuous improvement process.

It is characterized by:

  • High rehabilitation specificity
  • Concept-based therapy and definition of basic goals
  • Introduction of basic documentation
  • Systematic measurement of result parameters
  • Transparency in quality management reporting
  • Compatibility with external quality assurance programs.

Hotel classification 3 stars superior

We supplement the high medical and therapeutic quality in the house with the amenities of a hotel. That is why, in addition to medical certifications, we also have ourselves tested and assessed in the hotel industry. This is done by DEHOGA Bavaria according to the criteria of the German Hotel Classification.

3 stars superior