Therapies / Medical Wellness

We offer you the complete spectrum of therapies. From massages, baths, packs and inhalations to physiotherapy and sports therapy. You will also find relaxation and well-being in our panoramic swimming pool, the adjoining sauna and whirlpool area as well as with our beauticians and hairdressers.


Classic massage

The classic massage relaxes the muscles, promotes blood circulation and ensures a greater sense of well-being.
This is recommended in combination with a natural mud pack

Foot reflexology

Our feet reflect all our internal organs. By stimulating a specific point on the sole of the foot, the corresponding organ can be influenced reflexively. It has a healing effect.


Overwater massage / underwater pressure jet massage with the latest technology. The back of the body is massaged from head to toe. You lie on a kind of heated waterbed.

Natural mud pack

Used to loosen and relax the muscles. The warmth also creates a pleasant feeling.

You can find a complete overview of all possible treatments in our therapy flyer .