Mission statement

The Oberammergau health center combines under one roof AHB, rehabilitation and prevention with the specialist departments of cardiology, pneumology and orthopaedics as well as the Aktiv- und Vitalhotel am Kofel, a hotel for guests from all over the world.

The mission statement guides our daily work and contributes to the continuous development of the Oberammergau Health Center.

Patient – Customer – Partner

People are at the center of everything we do, taking their individual needs into account.

We make our services transparent for our stakeholders both internally and externally.

As a modern service company, we focus on the expectations and needs of our patients, guests and all other cooperation partners.

We see constructive criticism as an incentive and an opportunity to constantly improve our services and offerings.


The recovery process of our patients is promoted by professional and individual care as well as professional advice and information.

Our goal of inpatient medical rehabilitation is to restore the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our patients in order to enable successful reintegration into everyday life and/or their working life, as well as to promote their personal development.

In order to restore or promote the patient’s self-determination and their equal participation in life and society, as well as to avoid disadvantages, common rehabilitation goals are agreed against the background of their existing limitations (physical, mental, social…) and the individual therapy concept is built on this basis.

Our therapy concepts promote physical, mental and social integrity through active participation in the rehabilitation process.

We ensure that patients are actively involved in their rehabilitation process through their right to co-determination.


The stay in our hotel is based on three pillars. First, we give our guests time to take a deep breath and analyze. Everyday life is shaken off and, at the same time, the focus is on what can be done to improve health.

Based on the analysis, we work with guests to create individual programs that strengthen body and soul in the long term. Strengthen them so that they can live life consciously again after their stay with us.


Through our quality management system, based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DEGEMED 6.0, we create the basis for structured and goal-oriented action.

We see continuous improvement of our operational processes and personnel actions as a matter of course.

Our rehabilitation concepts ensure that patients receive high-quality, individualized treatment.

Transparency and jointly coordinated work processes within the GZO increase the quality of our work. These processes are decisive for our day-to-day work and are based on economic and ecological aspects as well as legal requirements and standards.

We create a customer-oriented environment with state-of-the-art equipment and services.

We always keep our knowledge up to date through targeted training and further education.

Risks and opportunities

General trends are considered in the strategic development. The following key risks are likely to persist in the foreseeable future: Dependence on political influencing factors, the current Covid-19 pandemic and the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

Another risk is the sometimes drastic rise in prices, which can only be refinanced to a limited extent. This primarily concerns the areas of energy, food and personnel.

Our specific operator model is a unique selling point. This must be maintained and further expanded.

Cooperation and human interaction

Our interdisciplinary cooperation is based on mutual respect, honesty and collegiality.

Our relationship with employees, guests, patients, accompanying persons, cost bearers, referring doctors and suppliers is characterized by honesty and respect.

In order to provide our patients with a feel-good atmosphere, we regard them as guests in our house.

We are helpful, have professional and human competence and are aware of our mutual role model function.

We employees are held in high esteem and guarantee the success of the Oberammergau Health Center. We play a key role in fulfilling our mission for the people entrusted to us.

We encourage our motivation through praise and recognition. We recognize each other’s achievements.

As the second largest employer in Oberammergau, the Oberammergau Health Center has a special social responsibility.

Leadership and responsibility

We are a family-friendly company with a high level of quality awareness.

Our management and head physicians are trusted individuals who are characterized by honesty, openness and loyalty. Managers boost employees’ self-esteem through praise and recognition.

The management and head physicians work together with the employees to ensure a good working atmosphere. They promote open dialog and are the point of contact for employees’ concerns. They maintain the necessary discretion.

The works council assumes a firmly established role within the framework of management and responsibility. Both the management and the works council work together in a spirit of mutual trust.

All employees are involved in the ongoing development of the mission statement.

Our mission statement is a central component of our corporate culture and is subject to constant further development.