Before a rehabilitative measure is carried out, the necessity of the measure and the personal suitability of the applicant are examined. For this purpose, the attending physician issues a medical report and a socio-medical examination is often carried out. The necessity and duration of your rehabilitation will be determined.

Rehabilitation basically follows two central principles:

  • Rehab before retirement
    This addresses people in the course of their employment. A rehabilitation measure enables you to return to working life and is financed by the pension insurance.
  • Rehab before care
    The directive covers people who are not in gainful employment, such as pensioners, children and young people. The statutory health insurance fund is responsible if no other cost bearer is primarily liable.

You can obtain the materials for a rehabilitation application from your health insurance company. Ideally, you should fill this out together with your family doctor.

We mainly work with all statutory health insurance companies and private health insurers. In individual cases, settlement with pension insurers is also possible.

Important: You have the right to specify a preferred clinic for your stay.
We will be happy to advise you on this and all further steps:

Tel: 08822-78433


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