Authorization for further training

Authorization for further training as a specialist in internal medicine (6 months)

Authorization for inpatient basic further training in the field of internal medicine (12 months)

A systematic training concept has been developed for future internists. There is also an internal training concept and interdisciplinary committees in which the assistant doctors participate and contribute.

Dr. Jürgen Grundnig and Dr. Armin Rosenberger are authorized to provide further training.

In addition to interdisciplinary training, special emphasis is placed on emergency medical training. These include weekly training sessions at the IMC bedside, annual ALS training, skills training and blind audits.

In day-to-day practice, further training is initially provided by specialist medical instruction in the joint treatment of patients. Step by step, the instructions turn into independent work.

Diagnostics employee

The majority of our patients are in our specialist clinic for inpatient follow-up treatment. We treat our patients on an interdisciplinary basis in the fields of cardiology, pneumology and orthopaedics and build a bridge from the acute hospital to the everyday environment. We have a defined 3-week period for this, during which patients are highly motivated to improve their general condition.